The Tack Shack is owned and operated by the Barthelemy family, Scott, Brenda, Lester and Lance. We started our blanket cleaning and repair service on our farm in 1992. We ride horses and love them as much as our clients do!

Blanket Cleaning

Three Wash and rinse cycles with environmentally friendly blanket wash cleans safely, lifts out dirt and is non-detergent. Sheet, coolers, wraps, shipping boots, exercise boots, saddle pads and any other item of horse or pet clothing can be cleaned. 


Blankets can lose their waterproofing abilities over time. Ask for waterproofing with Nik-Wax Rug Proof to revitalize your water resistant blankets when you send them in.

Blanket Repair 

All repairs are done by experienced tailors, sewing on commercial sewing machines. Every effort is made to match hardware and colors. Surcingle hardware, straps, snaps and binding replacements are offered. Leg straps can be added. If Tack Shack feels the blanket requires extensive repairs, we will contact you with a quote before any work is done. The average repair costs $25-$55. Due to the high volume of blanket repair we do, we will no longer be taking on any more tack repair work. Please note: we only repair clean blankets.

Blanket Folding & Return

After cleaning, drying and repairing, blankets are folded and packaged in your choice of breathable zippered bags or for those of you who are “Greenies” like us, we offer an American-made reusable drawstring bag for just $8.00. When used, it will be washed along with your blanket, and your blanket will be packaged in it for return to you. Just one small step the Tack Shack is taking to help our economy and environment!

Pet Laundry

Dog beds, blankets and pet clothing of all types are washed, dried and clear wrapped.

Deceased Horse Removal

For deceased horse removal please call (603) 234-8759