Tack Shack Price List
Effective July 1st 2022

Blankets 50” and up- $38.00

Blankets under 50"- $25.00

Blanket Waterproofing $20.00

Hood or Neck Clean $ 10.00

Hood or Neck Waterproofing $ 10.00

All boots and polo wraps (pair) $ 10.00

English saddle pads $ 10.00

Western saddle pads $15.00

Misc. items are priced by size starting at $10 and up.


Minimum charge is $25.00, average repairs fall between $25 and $55.


Repair only Blankets

All blankets that are “repair only” must be clean and in a clean bag when they arrive at our facility. We can not put dirty blankets through our sewing machines. If they are not bagged separately, we will charge for a cleaning prior to repairs.